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Massage has evolved into a respected form of healing.

Experience the tranquility and regeneration as thousands of touch receptors awaken, unravel & provide nurturing sensations throughout the tense body…

Signature Detox Massage
90/120 mins

Must try for your sore muscles and stress caused fatigue! Ideal for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatism/ arthritis pain and sport strains.

Royal Javanese Massage
60/90/120 mins

To alleviate muscle aches and relieve tensions.

Aromatherapy Massage
60/90/120 mins

Special blends of graded essential oils which release their healing properties onto the skin to balance your body and mind, restoring a sense of well-being.

Swedish Massage
60/90/120 mins

A gentle and calming massage for lymphatic drainage.

Foot Massage
60 mins

Our feet take us through life. To relax your feet from daily strains and to give back energy to distress tired muscles.

Foot & Back
90 mins

Our foot massage starts with a refreshing foot soak to de-stress your feet. Followed with focus on aching back or shoulders to loosen and relax muscles that carry stress of daily living.

We recommend one weekly massage for a healthy body & to counteract daily stress effects.

Body Therapy

Inspired by ancient beauty rituals, our body therapy is specially tailored for you to embark on an uplifting & inspiring therapeutic journey.

Scrubs are used to remove accumulated dead skin cells & stimulate circulation. Add on with our Masks or Wraps using non-chemical, natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy.

Ginger Detox
30 mins

A body exfoliation ritual to detox and invigorate the body!

Cucumber Salt Glow
30 mins

Exfoliating and Glowing.

Javanese Lulur
30 mins

Softens and beautifying for silky skin texture.

Balinese Boreh
30 mins

Warming exotic spices combined to relax body aches and pains.

Milk Mask
30 mins

Promotes whitening and softening to the skin.

We recommend scrubs & wraps to be done weekly, best with body massage.

Other Pampering Therapies

Therapeutic Herbal Ball
30/60/90 mins

Warming natural herbs used to eliminate aches and pains, ease muscle tension and improves skin nourishment. Best combined with body massage for maximum results.

Ear Candling
30 mins

A natural therapy that effectively solves problems associated with the ear and sinuses.

Hair Care Traditions
40-60 mins

*60 mins session comes with serum & ratus.

Dry Skin Brushing
Foot 30-40 mins

To smooth rough calluses of the sole.

20-40 mins

Natural way of hair removal! *Duration varies depending on body part.

Women's Ratus
30 mins

Only for the ladies! To promote well-being of the intimate area.

Manja Facilities
Approximately 30 mins & up

Your pampering session would not be complete without Manja’s stress-releasing Manja Steam and a relaxing Jacuzzi session.

back relief
30 mins

For those on tight schedule, short yet effective massage to relieve tension and stress, allowing you to return to your day feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Foot loose
30 mins

Foot Loose is one of the unbelievably express relaxing treats that you can imagine yourself.

express facial
30 mins

In A Hurry? No time to pamper your face? Try our indispensable basic cleansing express facial with mask to fit into your hectic schedule.

Spa Manja Treatment

Spa Manja treatments are quintessentially a deep cleansing & awakening ritual for your whole body. All of our spa treatments have been highly customized to suit your needs with our exclusive range of body massages, body scrubs, body wraps, facials & detox treatments.

Spa Manja signature wellness treatments range from 2 to 4 hours and prices starting from RM188.

*Please contact our friendly staff for more information at +607 – 3333 111 / +6011 – 3311 1080